City to Surf

Guys, if you are doing the City to Surf this year, please consider nominating the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research (and specifically, the Ethan Davies Scholarship for Brain Cancer Research) as your charity for fundraising. You can do this by either (a) setting up a fundraising page for your run via (rather than via the City to Surf registration page), or (b) from the City to Surf registration page, nominate the Institute as your charity and then let me know that you would like to have your funds “coded” for the Scholarship.

Update on Ethan

An update on Ethan for everyone who is interested. Sorry I haven’t been replying to individual messages. Ethan has finished his induction chemotherapy and will start radiation therapy later this month. The results of his most recent MRI scan were positive and at this stage no further operations are required. He has been well enough to receive treatment as an outpatient for a few weeks now; hopefully this can continue as he is enjoying his time at home. We are hopeful he will get strong enough to walk again soon.