December updates

Whew! It has been a crazy time in our house lately…

Those of you who follow Ethan on Facebook will have heard these updates, but we also wanted to share the happy news here.

Firstly, the sausage sizzle fundraiser held by Trudy and Lianne on 2 December at Masters Bibra Lake was a great success, with nearly $1000 raised for the scholarship fund. Thanks so much for all your hard work ladies.

On December 5, we were overjoyed by the safe and happy arrival of our twin daughters and Ethan’s little sisters – Jessica Brooke (2.165kg) and Charlotte Renee (2.78kg). And now babies make 5…we are so excited to welcome our two newest family members.

And last but not least, Ethan’s most recent MRI on December 6 was all clear, no sign of visible tumour. The best news ever!!!

Merry Christmas to our wonderful families, friends and supporters – and all the best for a happy, healthy and safe 2013.