Being Ethan


Ethan ate most of a paddle pop today!

A small achievement to most but in Ethan’s world, a big step.

Ethan has been having a tough time lately. Kindy has been a big transition. It’s definitely the best form of therapy for him and incredibly beneficial in so many ways…but that doesn’t make it easy on him!

Ethan has now been formally diagnosed with autism (or in correct terms, Autism Spectrum Disorder). This diagnosis is not related to the brain cancer. Although to those of us who know Ethan well, it is no real surprise as he exhibited autistic tendencies even before his tumour was detected.

I wanted to let you all know about Ethan’s autism diagnosis because it is a part of Ethan and explains much of his anxiety and confusing behaviour in social settings. It is very difficult for Ethan to face the world – and for an autistic child to have also suffered the trauma of childhood brain cancer is unimaginable. Ethan has been forcibly subjected to treatments that we, as adults, struggle to contend with but always with the sole objective of doing what we needed to do to give him the best shot at life.

I can’t begin to imagine how Ethan must view his world in light of everything he has been through. But I do know that he needs endless love, support and compassion as he continues his kindy journey and begins some additional therapy to address his autism.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Ethan to date and to those who go to extra special lengths to make sure Ethan is included, even on his bad days. We really do appreciate it.

We take each day as it comes and we hope that for every day Ethan is cancer free, we can help him in the best way we can to live life to the fullest, however that may be 🙂

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