Ependymoma Awareness Day 2014

We are very excited to announce a very special event in the heart of Perth to mark Ependymoma Awareness Day on 10 April this year!

On the day, some of our supporters will be shaking collection tins at various locations across the city seeking donations for Ethan’s Scholarship. Then, at about 1pm in Forrest Place, there will be some short presentations (including presentations by the Lord Mayor and Professor Jonathan Carapetis, Director of the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research), followed by a mass butterfly release. Each butterfly released will symbolise hope for those suffering from brain cancer: for us, this will mean hope for those suffering from childhood ependymoma in particular.

We’ll be joining patients, families, doctors and scientists at other locations around the world, who will also be marking the day with their own events. Our aim is both to recognise Ependymoma Awareness Day, and to raise awareness and research funding for childhood brain cancer through Ethan’s Scholarship (for those who don’t know, Ethan’s Scholarship supports childhood brain cancer research at the Telethon Institute, with a particular focus on childhood ependymoma).

I would like to add that this event is only possible because of the generosity of Laurence Goodman and his team at Harcourts Central, who are both sponsoring the event and becoming one of our major partners. We are very grateful for this support.

If you would like to help make the day a success, we are looking for as many volunteers as possible to shake collection tins in the city on the day of the event both during the morning (when people are coming to work) and during the 1pm lunch hour. Prospective tin-shakers, please contact me via shannon@ethandaviesscholarship.com.au!Butterfly-Release-Flyer

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