Ethan’s big long weekend

Ethan has had an amazing long weekend!

It all started with a trip to PMH on Friday morning to see his speech therapist, occupational therapist and dietician.  We were concerned about Ethan as he has been quite upset, tired and anxious lately.  After much deliberation, we all agreed that the best thing we could do for Ethan at the moment is to give him a break from as much medical treatment as we can, and just let him be a little boy for a few weeks.  As his OT so aptly put it “rather than doing, just being”.  He’s gone through so much since the start of the year, he needs to have a little time to enjoy the world around him.

So we were encouraged to let Ethan partake in whatever activities he wanted to (within reason!) and to read his signals – if he enjoys something, let him do it, if he doesn’t, stop and do something else.

Saturday was a trip to the Royal Show with his daddy and Aunty Melanie.  Sunday was a trip to Silver Sands to see his grandparents and play on the beach.  Monday was a trip to Champion Lakes to go paddling and wading with his other grandparents.  Ethan is a big fan of water sports…so that’s why so much water was involved!

As you can see from the photos below, Ethan had a fantastic long weekend and we are so happy to share these fun activities with him.

4 thoughts on “Ethan’s big long weekend

    • Yes it wasn’t until his therapists suggested he have a little break (at least as much as we can with his medical needs) that I realised that it just might be the best thing for him at the moment – and he’s sure enjoying it!

    • Yes it was busy, lucky Shannon and our families did all the running around so I could rest! We don’t normally take so many pictures but Ethan was so happy we thought it would be nice to share.

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