Ethan’s food journey

As we have talked about on this blog before, Ethan has been unable to eat or drink properly since his surgery back in January last year. He has had a few failed attempts to try food, but has always been too unwell to get very far. We know from his video fluoroscopy last year that he is only safe to try swallowing puréed food, anything else might end up in his lungs (hello trip to PMH, not good!) so we need to be careful.

Now that Ethan is feeling better than at any stage over the last year, we can start trying to teach him to eat again…so today is day 1 of Ethan’s food journey! We will be providing updates and photos via Ethan’s Facebook page (see Ethan Davies Scholarship for Brain Cancer Research on Facebook). We hope you enjoy following his progress and we really, really, really look forward to seeing him enjoy his food once again.

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