“Let’s just get him to 5”

“Let’s just get him to 5.”

That was what Ethan’s doctor said, just after the hospital found his brain tumour. We were new to the world of childhood cancer, and we were asking questions like, “will the chemo/radiation affect Ethan’s ability to have children?” The answer we got was the doctor’s way of adjusting our expectations.

Last Saturday Ethan has exceeded those expectations: it was his 5th birthday. We are so proud of the obstacles he has overcome, and grateful to the many doctors, nurses, therapists, family members and friends who have got Ethan to this point.

If you would like to give Ethan a gift to mark his special day, please consider making a small donation on his behalf to the Scholarship. Just go to the website for Ethan’s Scholarship and click “donate now” in the top right-hand corner. Every little bit counts.

Happy 5th birthday Ethan!


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