Making the most of every day with Ethan

I’ve mentioned the CERN Foundation before in my post about our upcoming Ependymoma Awareness Day event. I also put up a post in relation to last year’s Ependymoma Awareness Day. Like us, the CERN Foundation is dedicated to ultimately finding a cure for ependymoma, although Ethan’s Scholarship is focused on the paediatric version of the disease (and the Foundation doesn’t currently have a research facility in Australia).

I was touched to be invited to share Ethan’s story on the CERN Foundation’s website, which you can read here. Ethan is also featured in the Foundation’s February newsletter.

One of the questions I was asked was whether I had any advice for other parents of children with ependymoma. This was my response:

The most important thing for us is to make the most of every day we have together with Ethan. As parents, the best advice we can give to others with children battling ependymoma is to discard all expectations you might have of your child, appreciate your child for who they are, take nothing for granted, and take heart from small victories.


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