Off-treatment and being “well”

One of the things that people may not be aware of is just how much ongoing care a child with cancer requires, even when “well” and “off-treatment”. Ethan has complex, ongoing care coordinated through many departments at PMH.

Yesterday Ethan had an appointment in endocrinology, to assess his growth and hormone function. Unfortunately, the radiation that Ethan received to his brain may have damaged his pituitary gland, hypothalamus etc so routine surveillance is conducted to see how his hormone levels are. This means blood tests every 6 months. So far all his blood tests have been clear, and his growth has been good – although it may be starting to slow a bit now.

After his appointment with the endocrinologist, Ethan needed to have a blood test so off we went to get it done. He is such a superstar! It took over an hour of waiting before we got in (which he did with no complaint) and then when we went in he just sat in my lap while I held his arm and other hand. He watched the needle go in and the blood be taken – no crying, no fuss – cool as a cucumber and then took his sticker for Boris!

I must admit that it’s pretty embarrassing when your child handles a blood test better than you do!

Then we had a quick bite of lunch (Ethan refused to eat the hospital custard … it’s possible that the custard upset him more than the blood test), and then the race back to the car before the parking ticket ran out.

Very proud of my little man and hoping for good blood test results.

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