The downhill run…

We are on the downhill run of Ethan’s radiation treatment. We have done 23 treatments, with 10 to go – so 33 in total. This means 10 more days of treatment – since it is done every weekday, Monday to Friday, basically 2 weeks to go!

Ethan is well enough to be an outpatient receiving his treatment, so he doesn’t have to stay in hospital. So every weekday morning we walk next door to Peter Mac (we are staying at hospital apartments next door) just before 8:30am. I buy a hot chocolate on the way in (thank you to my barista friend who has it hot and waiting for me as soon as he sees me each day!) and we head down to Lower Ground 2 where all the radiation therapy (adults and children) is done.

We check in with Anne and Bec at reception, have a chat and check Ethan’s appointment schedule. Then we wait in the children’s waiting room. Ethan used to play on the jungle gym and with the ride on car, but now he has decided he’s too old for all that! He is all business like as he waits in his pram for the anaesthetist. Within minutes an anaesthetist from the Royal Children’s Hospital comes out to see us (kids have

 to have their anaesthetics done by RCH paediatric anaesthetists) and checks that Ethan is all well and ok to go into treatment. Then they give us the nod and either Shannon or Nana (depending who is here) carry Ethan in to the treatment room (I do the recovery bit!).

Apparently Ethan is, once again, very business like in his approach and he likes to administer his own anaesthetic (strawberry is his preferred flavour). He helps hold the mask to his face and breathes in as he drifts off to sleep (Boris the teddy bear also goes to sleep). Then the team take over and administer the radiation via the machine (very big and scary looking!). We then wait in the adults waiting room until he comes through to recovery.

Once Ethan is close to waking, the recovery nurse collects me and I tickle his tummy until he wakes up. He usually likes to have a big stretch, then wants to get into his pram ASAP so he can leave! And three times a week he has music therapy afterwards – he likes this very much.

The whole process every day is painless, stress free and Ethan doesn’t seem too bothered by it all. In fact, he tries to convince us to go in on Saturdays (I think he is a creature of habit)! The best way to describe it is like groundhog day…it’s like living the same day over and over again. But not in a bad way – for every day brings us closer to the end and going back to Perth!!

Ethan in the waiting room at Peter Mac

Ethan in the waiting room at Peter Mac.