Telethon Kids Institute

For those who don’t know, as of yesterday the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research officially became known as the Telethon Kids Institute.

Below is the Institute’s snazzy new logo: we like very much. (Also, “Ethan Davies Scholarship for Brain Cancer Research” and “Telethon Institute for Child Health Research” can be a real mouthful in the same sentence.)

TKI logo

We were honoured that our whole family was invited to the official launch of the new brand at the Institute yesterday evening. Ethan had a fantastic time in the “Kids’ Zone”, running laps around the activity area, stealing food and balloons, and generally creating a mess. The girls hung around with the adults, and squawked during the official presentations.

Thanks to everyone at the Institute who was involved in putting together the event (and apologies to those who had to clean up after Ethan).

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