Upping the ante

Ladies and gentlemen, we came in like the proverbial wrecking ball…and smashed our team fundraising goal for this year’s HBF Run for Reason campaign!

A massive Super Ethan high five goes out to our current team members: Jasmine, Julianne, Matthew, Alex, Kate, Ben, Rachel, Ruth, Jade, Justin, Laura, Maureen, Tanya, Beth, Jon, Tracey, Alan and Blake.

Since the run is still basically two months away, I’ve upped the ante and increased our team fundraising goal to $7,500. Based on current form, it’ll be a snap!

You can help our team members meet their individual fundraising goals, or exceed them, by clicking on their names above and donating online. Alternatively, there is still plenty of time to sign up and run with us. We’re tackling the greatest non-accidental killer of children in Australia, people: I promise that your money won’t go to waste.

Currently sitting in third spot overall in funds raised by team, and eyeing off second spot!


One thought on “Upping the ante

  1. I'd say Magnum XL200 or maybe Kingda Ka. With KK half of the time would be spent at low speeds and the other half would be spent dropping and there isn't too much hegaadnginb. Magnum is just one of my favorites so I'd deal with the bit of roughness on that one.

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