Who got the chocolates?

Our 2014 HBF Run for Reason campaign was a huge success!

At the time of writing, our team has raised a whopping $10,334.70 for childhood brain cancer research at the Telethon Kids Institute through Ethan’s Scholarship. It’s not too late to donate, so if you’d like to get on a good thing, you can still do so via this link.

Thanks again to all of our team members, and to everyone who donated. We’ve more than doubled the money we raised in last year’s run.

As for our M&M dispenser challenge…drum roll please…the winner is…Rachel! A particularly aggressive social media campaign saw Rachel extort raise a hefty $330.16 in the last few days leading up to the run.

We’ve uploaded a bunch of photographs from the day on our Facebook page.

Finally, we’ve already been asked whether we’ll be fielding a team in this year’s Chevron City to Surf for Activ. The answer is yes! We’ll let you know once we’ve entered a team and set up a fundraising page.


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